Sunday, April 29, 2012

I admit it...I am a cougar woman!

Oh hello there! 

It has been quite some time since I have been part of the dating scene and I have been told by various relatives and friends that I should go for someone my own age, but really...I want a bit of fun! So what I am 52 and should probably be knitting for my grandchildren. That is not the real me! I want to travel, to eat at fine restaurants, to dance! That is why I am looking for casual relationships with younger men. I think they will be less likely to want serious commitment and far less likely to make demands on me. I am old enough now to know what I want in life. I have had my serious relationship and now that is well and truly over I want something totally different.

I have always taken good care of myself; going to the gym, getting my hair and nails done and recently I have got into zumba ( which is great for creating fabulous curves). I enjoy being around younger people and they seem to enjoy being around me. I am not looking for a man to take care of me - I can do that myself. I am financially stable and if I want to date younger men - I guess that makes me a cougar woman! I'm not afraid to say it - in fact I think it is time to embrace it.

So this blog is here to follow my journey as I plunder through the world of bars and online dating sites. Hopefully you will learn from some of my mistakes and get some useful tips to either date a cougar woman or a younger guy.

Love Diane x

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  1. Great blog Diane! Just keep doing your thing and have fun with it.